Sexual assault allegations mount against local OBGYN

Dr. John Patrick Schilling, a Henry County OBGYN, is being accused of sexual assault by former patients.

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- The Henry County Doctor accused of sexually abusing his patients can no longer practice medicine in Georgia.

CBS46 has reported on drug charges against OB-GYN Dr. John Patrick Schilling, in addition to claims from former patients that he sexually molested them in his office. Wednesday, the Attorney General’s office and the Georgia Medical Composite Board finalized Schilling’s voluntary surrender of his medical license.

Dr. Schilling, 69, was arrested in late September on charges of unauthorized unauthorized distribution and dispensation; refusal or failure to keep records; refusal to permit inspection; and unlawfully maintaining structure or place. His medical license remained active following those charges and his office, Schilling Women's Center, also is open for business.

CBS46's Stern first reported on Dr. Schilling's sexual assault complaints earlier this year. The first story featured details from a police report filed in April 2018 where one of his patients described being sexually assaulted by Schilling while sedated. The report said the patient was having a cosmetic procedure done and while the nurse wasn't paying attention, Dr. Schilling sexually assaulted her.

After the initial report, CBS46 heard new complaints from some of Dr. Schilling's former patients who told of similar assaults. Since then, both the Henry County District Attorney's Office and the state medical board are both investigating the sexual assault complaints. The Henry County District Attorney said more charges in the case are pending.


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