Eagle's Landing moves one step closer to cityhood

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CBS46 reporter Aiyana Cristal spoke with people who live and work in Stockbridge, yet the majority of the people she talked to didn’t know about the bills that are being voted on at the capitol to split Stockbridge. And those who have heard about the proposal say they don’t know what that means for them.

“I don’t know the details. I know some people who don’t like it and some people to so it depends on what angle you're looking at it from,” said Stockbridge resident Tom Lentz.

Tom Lentz lives in Stockbridge. He thinks Eagles Landing should have their own city because of the corrupt politics at the city hall. He doesn’t believe Stockbridge will get any better.

“I've been unimpressed with Stockbridge leadership. There's a lot of politics going on," said Lentz. "Apparently that effort has been going on by mayoral candidates for some time and has not been successful because the council has been unbedded unethical, dishonest I think.

CBS46 drove around some of the neighborhoods that would be in the new proposed city Eagles Landing but we couldn’t get access because they are gated communities.

Michael Dinkins lives in what would be the new city Eagles Landing.

“That’s kind of disheartening for it to happen so fast,” said Dinkins.“I didn’t hear about it until talking with other legislators and it hit the news.”

Dinkins is not opposed to the new city; however, he is opposed to how these bills were pushed through.

“I think it’s a little hasty. I think that’s something that needs to be looked at over time and more input from all the citizens and I think there should be legislation that says we take our time, have interaction with the people and talk to people in the community before you go that far,” said Dinkins.

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