High intake numbers cause overcrowding at animal shelters

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Extremely high intake numbers are causing overcrowding at shelters in Fulton and DeKalb County.

In May, Lifeline Animal Project Shelters took in nearly 1,300 animals.

Chelsea Parr has a passion for the animals found inside shelters.

"Our mission is to save all healthy and treatable animals in the Atlanta area," she said.

The Lifeline Animal Project manages DeKalb and Fulton County animal shelters. The current intake numbers are high and a shocking event to Parr.

"Twenty-three animals a day seven days a week. It's stressful to come in her everyday and see these animals stressed out in large numbers."

According to Lifeline, there are currently over 700 dogs and cats in DeKalb County and nearly 500 animals in the Fulton County location.

"It's only going to go up the rest of the summer and this is in each shelter."

Parr says in the summer, the numbers tend to go up, meaning less space for animals coming in and those already there.

"We need foster homes anywhere from if you can foster for a weekend, if you can foster for a couple weeks or until adopted."

Animals are having more babies and people are taking vacations and dropping their animals off, so now the shelters desperately need fosters or people to adopt.

"The kennel stress just goes way up when we have a large number of animals in our facility, it's a lot more stressful on the dogs that are here. It's just a lot more stressful on our staff and the people that are visiting our shelter."

Parr says even just being a foster parent helps get the animals out and gives insight on the animals in the shelter to get them adopted.

"It's life saving. We need the community to help save lives and that's what we're talking about here."

Those interested in adopting right now, there is a pick your price promotion where you decide the price you'd like to pay for the adoption through the month of June.

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