Logan Moore

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Little Logan more is like most 2-year-old's, full of life and energy.

"He's not really the quiet type he's pretty wild, even though he can't walk, he's into everything," said Logan’s mother Christian Moore.

Logan has trouble walking because of a symptom called hypotonia.

"He has hypotonia which affects his muscles tone and it makes it hard for him to do a lot of physical things, especially walking," said Moore.

Hypotonia is a symptom, not a disease, and it's been a struggle for the Moore’s to get their insurance to pay for the medical grade walker they need.

Logan needs to keep strengthening his muscles, so the family turned to YouTube for an interim solution and went to Home Depot to create a walker for Logan.

And that's when they got a heartfelt surprise.

“The store manager and another employee came over and they started getting everything that we needed together for the walker,” said Moore. “And they told us that they would actually put it together for us and that they would not charge us anything for it.”

Something Home Depot employees were more than happy to do.

"The home depot culture is that we help others and it doesn't matter if it's a customer that comes in this store or an employee,” said Jeff Anderson who helped build the walker. “We were all in tears to because it was just the joy of him being able to be mobile."

Something his family is eternally grateful for.

"It took everything I had not to cry, it was really amazing," said Moore.

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