DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is getting results for a veteran who say he's been missing  important mail concerning his health since his mailbox was destroyed.

Surveillance video shows the arm of a DeKalb County sanitation worker's truck destroying the mailbox. The video also shows the employee leaving the mailbox propped up next to veteran Vincent Abraham's trash bins, then leaving the scene.

There was no note or apology. With the mailbox grounded so were Abraham's mail deliveries.

“I get a lot of important mail and being that I’m legally blind I can’t look at a computer terminal and get an email so I rely on the mail,” he explained.

Abraham hadn’t heard anything from the county, so on Tuesday CBS46 headed to the county’s sanitation department and showed them the video, demanding answers. The next morning, they knocked on Abrahams door.

“They had word from the CEO he sent them out there to bring me a new mailbox,” said Abraham.

Abraham declined that mailbox because someone else contacted him first.

“I saw that we had a veteran who had damage to his mailbox and it had been over a week and we cant have that,” Carla Brown said.

Carla Brown manages the Home Depot in Tucker. She got a crew of 20 volunteers together and they installed a top of the line mailbox and gave the entire property a makeover.

“When we got to looking around we saw there were some things that he probably wasn’t able to do for myself. So the team got together, they cut his grass, they fixed his island, put on the welcome mat,” Brown told CBS46.

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