UPDATE 6/25/19: Homeowner Alisha McGlawn received a call from the First American Home Warranty corporate office stating they are going to replace the entire A/C unit. The brand new unit will be installed on Thursday. In addition, the company said they will pay for a hotel for the family until the unit is replaced on Thursday morning. 

DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Imagine paying for a home warranty but not being able to get a maintenance issue fixed because of "lack of communication."

CBS46'S Melissa Stern spoke with a local woman trying to keep her cool while the temperatures needlessly soar inside her house.

“As a parent, one of my first duties is to make sure my children are living in a home that’s properly maintained, and not having the appropriate cooling is absolutely a problem,” Alisha McGlawn told CBS46.

Fifty-two days, that’s how long Alisha and her two sons with special needs have been living in a sweltering condo, as the temperatures outside reach the 90s.

“I have my hands full already,” McGlawn said.

They’ve been keeping the lights off, she can’t cook, nor can they run the dryer.

They're living in discomfort despite having a home warranty she pays for every year.

“In the span of 52 days, I’ve probably placed no less than 80 calls,” McGlawn added.

She uses First American Home Warranty, an out-of-state provider. They hire contractors in Atlanta to fulfill these types of calls.

“Nobody seems to be following through. It is a complete lack of competence,” added McGlawn.

She says there’s been a lot of miscommunication, and that they’ve sent someone out with the incorrect part three times now.

Sometimes, she says the contractor doesn’t even show.

“They just could not get it together,” said McGlawn.

She’s also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

“Our claim has been expedited, we were told, and you would think that with it being expedited, it means it would be taken care of pretty quickly,” McGlawn said.

That was three weeks ago.

“The ball has not been dropped once, not twice, but three times, we’re on our third contractor,” said McGlawn.

CBS46’s Melissa Stern reached out to First American Home Warranty and they called McGlawn back to say they’re working to correct the problem immediately.

“I gave them the pickup number, which is just the number they need to pick up the item, and they said, yeah, we can go pick it up and go call the homeowner,” said a First American agent over the phone.

The home warranty company told McGlawn they will either find the correct part or replace the whole unit. 

First American Home Warranty sent CBS46 the following statement:

"Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, First American Home Warranty does not comment on the details of customer claims. Unfortunately, delays in the delivery of parts from suppliers and manufacturers that are outside of our control do sometimes occur. As soon as we receive the parts necessary for a repair, we make every reasonable effort to complete repairs without further delay."

We’ll be following up to make sure this happens.

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[angry]I have been waiting 10 weeks to have my washer fixed or replaced. Local service tech has replaced the door lock once and the mother board twice and machine still not fixed. I waited a week for a scheduled service visit which ended up a no show and no call. When I leave a message at First American Warranty because I cannot reach my FAHW representative I do not get a call back because I am told the voice mail system is not good and messages cannot be understood. Was told two weeks ago that my unit was going to be replaced anly to receive a call 5 days later saying model was on backorder When I said that our local Home Depot have very same model at very same price in stock I was told that FAHW could not purchase from them. But was offered another discontinued model GE machine that is a even lesser quality than the first to replace my Whirlpool. What a rip-off.


First American Home Warranty is the worst ever!!! They can't get anything right. Our heat pump iced up jamming the fan into the ice. The top plastic cover cracked, the motor burned out and a circuit board went bad. This was from before Christmas until past New Years we were without any heat. They didn't care. Then, the tech and FAHW argued for weeks about the part number for the board. I finally went and pulled the cover and sent them the number off the bsd board - same as the tech told them. More wasted time inside a cold home. When it was all done, their fix to the cracked cover was two pieces of black electrical tape to try and hold it in place!!! A week later, it failed again. The new people weren't Trane certified so they undid things to jerry rig the thing to work but, it still wasn't right. I finally called a real Trane repair place and spent the money to get it fixed properly. NEVER use FAHW.


That's exactly why I won't use them! You pay them for years and you go thru this to get air? WHY? Most have been paying these companies for years and never had to use them, however, when it's time too, this is how they treat you! WOW

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