A proposed development in one metro Atlanta community has many homeowners outraged.

"We’re only 1.5 square miles so the land that we have is very critical and precious to us," said Beverly Burks, a Clarkston resident.

Beverly Burks calls the City of Clarkston home, but lately it has been a difficult place to live.

"The issue is that when you don’t include the community in design and planning for their city, it’s our city that’s when you have problems," said Burks.

She and several other homeowners became outraged when they learned about a proposed $15 million mega-church development to be built in their neighborhood.

"No one knew anything about it and it had been going on for 18 months with no knowledge to the community at large," said resident Karen Feltz.

The city has been working with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to build a missionary hub on the site of Clarkston International Baptist Church. "The original plan was to put in four soccer fields, a playground, an event pavilion, a gym which would literally have been less than 40 feet from some people’s front door. Not their property line, their front door," said Feltz.

Homeowners said the city failed to hold a public hearing before issuing a conditional use permit.

"Until there are official plans to be submitted, it’s all just conceptual right now," said Mayor Ted Terry.

Mayor Ted Terry said it’s much a do about nothing. Both he and the church are still in the early developmental stages and nothing is set in stone.

"So we heard from a lot of neighbors that said they wanted to keep this buffer zone here and so as long as I’m Mayor we’ll keep the buffer zone here and try to enhance the neighborhood by planting more trees," said Mayor Terry.

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