Law enforcement agencies in Gwinnett County are conducting major drug busts across the county.

Officers have been going through a home and cars on Trickum Road in Lawrenceville, and officers said they have already been to 17 homes. The busts started at 6 a.m.

The commander of the drug busts said officers are mostly seizing marijuana and the houses have been rewired to operate as grow houses, mostly soil based, so it’s been wet inside and dangerous because of shoddy electrical work.

Officers have arrested several people, and the lead officer said there have been men and women, young and older, running this group. There have also been children inside some of these homes. There have not been any injuries.

Fire and electric companies have been inspecting the homes with police to make sure they’re safe for officers to enter.

Just some of the marijuana being grown illegally inside houses throughout Gwinnett and a map of the houses police raided today. @cbs46— Hayley Mason (@HayleyMasonTV) July 18, 2018
Police adding more drugs to trailer of marijuana they've been seizing from growhouses across Gwinnett. @cbs46— Hayley Mason (@HayleyMasonTV) July 18, 2018
Car being towed as part of massive drug raid in Lawrenceville— Hayley Mason (@HayleyMasonTV) July 18, 2018

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