Despite rising COVID-19 numbers Atlanta’s only international boarding school, Brandon Hall, has not had an outbreak of COVID-19.

The school adopted new protocols and a hybrid learning model to help keep their students and staff safe. Brandon Hall staff members gave CBS46 Melissa Stern a tour of their 24-acres in Sandy Springs.

“Brandon Hall is Atlanta’s only international boarding and day school,” said Dean J. Fusto, Brandon Hall School President.

The school has roughly 150 students between grades 6-12 with an average class size of just eight students.

“So, at any point in the academic year, we may have students come here from as many as 20 countries who are living here, as well as domestic,” Fusto added.

As a boarding school, Brandon Hall had a unique situation after the coronavirus pandemic hit needing to think about borders along with the domestic concerns.

“We’ve had a number of challenges we’ve had to face, that a lot of schools didn’t have to think about,” Fusto said.

“We’ve had zero casing in our boarding community,” added Fusto.

They have two dorms, and a little more than 20 faculty members live on campus.

They also adopted a hybrid learning model where some students are in-person, some virtual, including 20 students from overseas participating via online classes.

“We are limiting in person groupings, limiting the size of those groupings,” said Johnny Green, the COO at the Brandon Hall School.

They do temperature checks every day, screen visitors and students, and they have social distancing guidelines.

“If we’re in class, if we’re in meetings, if we’re anywhere on campus, we have a mask mandate in place,” said Justin Ryder, the Assistant Head of School.

While class sizes have always been on the smaller side, they say hopefully it wasn’t too much of an adjustment.

“If our students are complaining that we are keeping them apart all day, they’re going home and telling their parents, hey, they’re not letting us sit together, not letting us eat together, then we’re doing our job and keeping them safe,” added Green.

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