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ATLANTA (CBS46) — Forget the Buckhead goats that recently escaped around the business district. Partygoers over the weekend were greeted by some huge man-eating reptiles before heading into a Midtown nightclub. 

“The alligators were very angry for some reason I don’t know why,” said Jamie Brown who shot several videos of the alligators.

Brown was startled on his way into Revel nightclub when he noticed two gators over 7-feet long.

“You have girls screaming and guys taking video, and it was just like chaos,” Brown said.

He said the big reptiles weren’t acting aggressive initially but said things got hairy and the animals had to be moved, which is when the thrashing and snapping started.

At one point in the video, you see a man trying to subdue the alligators before it starts into what’s known as a death roll, which the animals perform when they are trying to rip off meat or drown prey.

“Was very hard for them to put them back in the truck so they had to get volunteers,” Brown said.

CBS46 reached out to the organizer about the animals but did not here back from them.

Brown said after several attempts, the massive gators were eventually loaded onto a trailer, albeit not before a few hearts jumped out of people’s chests.

“These alligators were big, big and aggressive. You see goats in Buckhead, Alligators in clubs, Atlanta, you’ll never know what you get, it’s like a box of chocolates,” Brown said.

CBS46 spoke to the DNR who said Saturday’s event was done by an exhibitor who is licensed to show alligators in the city.

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