ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Employees of a metro Atlanta restaurant group are hoping to receive overdue paychecks. 

Metrotainment Bakery employees told CBS46 that their checks were overdue from February. 

“Right now, most of us have no money in our account, and we can’t even go to the grocery store,” employee Loredana Seared told CBS46.

Metrotainment Cafes employees ask for overdue paychecks

Managers received an email from company owners Jeff and Amy Landau informing them that the company has had a hard season and has now lost more than 90% of business because of the coronavirus shutdown. They stated the paychecks would be late.

Metrotainment Cafes operates all local Hudson Grille restaurants. Joe’s on Juniper, Einsteins, Metrotainment Bakery, and Sugar Shack. They have more than 400 employees.

Thursday, CBS46 met with another to another restaurant employee who didn’t want to be identified.

“My bosses pulled me to the side and said he you’re not going to receive your paycheck on Wednesday,” the employee said.

She says she finally got a check this week, but it’s not even half of what she’s owed. 

“They said they didn’t have the funds,” she added saying she doesn’t know how she will be able to afford to feed her children.

CBS46 reached out to the owners of Metrotainment Cafes. Co-owner Jeff Landau spoke with CBS46 Reporter Hayley Mason on the phone.

"I've had the best of intentions,” Landau said. “We've done our best. I understand the anger. They are scared. I am scared. We are all scared right now as to what's happening, but we really have done everything we can."

Landau said they have paid all minimum wage workers, like bartenders and servers, their full checks. That’s about half of all their staff. The rest of the staff received 40% of their salaries.

Landau tells CBS46 the company has filed for state unemployment benefits for all of its employees. He says the company will pay the remaining money it owes the rest of the employees when they can get relief funding. Landau adds the company has applied for emergency loan money to help pay employees.

The Georgia Department of Labor has online resources for people looking for work. Their webpage,, has more than 100,000 job openings listed. More than 2,000 job openings were posted on the site last week.

Unemployment numbers in the state have more than doubled in the coronavirus crisis.

A unemployment numbers more than double in coronavirus crisis. Last week, the GA Dept of Labor processed 12,140 unemployment claims. There were 5,445 the week prior. The DOL website only had 59,000 users the entire first week of March. There were 110,000 yesterday alone.

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