ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- "Know the cost". That's the goal this week for World Environment Day.

IBM and The Weather Channel launched a new initiative to help combat freshwater scarcity in communities around the world.

They are displaying enormous blocks of ice in Piedmont Park this weekend to shed light on water scarcity.

The goal is to call attention to the amount of water it takes to create the items we use and wear every day.

The Weather Channel, based in Atlanta, just launched "Forecast: Change", an initiative to raise awareness to the fact that more than two billion people lack access to clean, safe water around the world.

“As we see the planet warm, we see an increase in drought, floods, severe weather, all impacting access to clean water,” Mark Fredo, the Executive Global Creative Director for IBM, told CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern.

That's why if you go to Piedmont Park, you'll see enormous blocks of ice -- calling attention to the amount of water it takes to create ordinary things we use daily.

“A lot of people have a disconnect between how local individuals actions can impact a global problem,” Fredo added.

As the ice melts, the water is reclaimed, filtered and available to drink.

People and dogs can actually drink the sculpture.

Fredo says knowing the water cost of items we use, people can make better decisions in terms of what and how we purchase.

“A cotton t-shirt takes over 700 gallons of water to make, that’s a staggering number,” Fredo said.

He said most people take clean, fresh water for granted, so the goal is to make a big impression by having giant physical installations with everyday objects frozen within a block of ice equivalent to the volume of water it takes to produce them.

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700 gallons? That sounds suspiciously made up.

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