ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Police are putting the brakes on street racers in a metro Atlanta community.

Rickie Johnson a father of five told CBS46 he was concerned about the illegal street racing that takes place along Moreland Ave in Dekalb County.

Witnesses near I-285 and Moreland Avenue said they have seen drag racers traveling speeds as fast as a hundred miles and hour.

"They can get up to 100 miles an hour easy, I've seen it," said Johnson.

Dekalb County Police cracked down on the weekend events last year, but residents say it's back again.

"We pulled off at 285 and Moreland and the whole air was full of smoke," said a homeowner at an East Atlanta community meeting. "And we were like wow what's going on and we looked and it was like a convention of drag racing cars."

We asked city officials in Atlanta about the races and they said they are working to make things uncomfortable for racers.

"I've met with my major and some private property owners," said Atlanta City Council Member Carla Smith. "With big parking lots where they like to congregate and one or two of them are going to hire some private security."

Speed bumps and barriers in parking lots are also being considered. Stay with CBS46 News for updates.

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Atl_Native 392

It’s sad that young adults “mostly” can’t get out in our cars and congregate without people most who have migrated to the area complaining and make false assumptions about something they have no idea about , Drag race cars ? Where a few chargers and challengers get together in certain geological locations in Atlanta then it is a problem , But in other none urban areas like Marietta or Alpharetta these Young adults hang out with no issues , sometimes even have police there keeping them safe or controlling traffic . It’s sad , our parents and some grandparents have been meeting up on Moreland and surrounding areas forever with like minded car guys but now since so much Gentrification is going on in this area and all over Atlanta certain people wanna come in and Take control of everything just as they have been known to do since the first Thanksgiving in this country . Car guys will continue to meet by any means necessary and until someone gives us or builds a nice safe meeting spot for us , stop complaining when ordinary people drive at speeds close to 100 mph everyday commuting to work or wherever , and let kids and adolescence enjoy their young years “drag racers “ as their called will live on Moreland ave and everywhere else they complaining about so bring your asthma pumps because it’s gonna be Smokey like a pig on a grill

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