Impact of cyberattack on Atlanta residents

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As the City of Atlanta attempts to secure it’s systems, residents needing services are feeling the impact. Currently no new water connections are being made and those needing to pay fines or attend a court date are being turned away.

"I came down here to court today to appear and I get here and there wasn't any court," said Eulises Wimberly.

Wimberly is among the people who went to the Atlanta Municipal Court hoping to finalize an issue but instead he was handed a piece of paper and sent home.

"They didn't tell me anything, they just gave me this piece of paper here to reschedule my appointment again. I feel kind of bad because I had pay $30 for someone to bring me from Lawrenceville," added Wimberley.

But he wasn’t the only one who came across problems.

"Me and my husband closed on our house Friday, we had no water and the web site was down all weekend” said resident Lauren Downer. “So we had no choice but to come in and ask to get our service turned on."

Because of the system outages, the city is not processing new water service requests via the city's web site, but Downer says she was able to physically fill out the paper work for new service in the office and was promised she will have water within 24 hours. Still Downer is among the lucky ones because many like Alfred Brown, who visited the City of Atlanta Monday left with no solutions.

"I said can I pay my ticket and she said no the system is down, I said what can I do, I said can I get a notice or something she said no” added Brown. “But, I have to get this ticket paid by the end of the month and it's already the 27 or something. I am upset that they can't take my money.”

Officials say those who are not able to attend their court date will be given an opportunity to reschedule.

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