ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Leaders from the state and federal levels are sending a message for citizens to help those who feed the country: farmers.

“Now more than ever I hope you will join me in supporting our farmers,’ said Governor Brian Kemp.

It is a sentiment echoed by United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. 

“Take this time to thank all of our critical essential food supply chain workers,” said Perdue.

“It’s pretty rough,” said Gwendolyn Washington aka the ‘Farm Diva’ of Phoenix Gardens.

With most markets shutting down, farmers are forced to become innovative.

“With COVID-19 we had to pivot and readjust how we do things this year and we’ve moved to an online platform,” said Nancy Qarmout founder and market manager of Tucker Farmers Market.

Tucker Farmers Market is usually a community gathering with food demonstrations, bands and places to eat.

The market, now because of the coronavirus, let’s people order online for a curbside pickup. An important move for farmers.

“It’s extremely critical where people can go online order what they want and then we can deliver without you know face-to-face contact,” said Fred Liebl, an Air Force Veteran & owner of Wagon Wheel Ranch in Watkinsville.

Governor Brian Kemp said farmers are still on the hook for paying 75 percent of the contract work they signed before the pandemic.

Through the shutdown and the Governor’s message, farmers have found new customers.

“We’ve never done this before or used the market, it’s great, we’re happy to support them and get fresh quality produce,” said one smiling new customer from her car.

The push to get produce to customers in new ways means here in Tucker, moving forward. Nancy said farmers will now have two streams to supply people, in person and online. Something beneficial from such a disruptive virus.

To learn about Tucker Farmers Market online system, click here

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