DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Some of the residents who were evacuated from the Arrive Perimeter Apartment complex after an explosion Sunday said they have been smelling gas in the building for several years.

Residents said they have complained numerous times to management and they were told even hours before the explosion that the issues was resolved.

"We went to go to church around 10:30 this morning I smelled gas in the hallway and it was pretty thick,” Apartment Resident Mark Pate said.

For last five years Pate said he has been complaining to management about the smell of gas in the parking deck and the basement where he currently lives.

He said he even complained about it to management hours before a massive explosion unfolded at the apartment complex Sunday. 

"We called the complex like hey there’s some gas going on here. It’s an issue, obviously its pretty heavy, and he told us it was fixed. I even jokingly said if you light a match in here the whole buildings goin up.”

Other residents said they also smelled gas.

”Once in the parking garage, yeah, I smelled it,” apartment Resident Alma Albarran said.

An Amazon driver told CBS46 she was just about to go inside the building to deliver a package, when suddenly she heard what sounded like a massive explosion and a tree hit her Amazon truck.

"I just heard a lot of screaming and hollering and I seen people walking around the van bloody like they got injured,” Amazon Driver Shantel Jefferson said.

Jefferson said she started filming on her phone seconds after the explosion. 

In the video you can hear people screaming and you can see bricks and mangled wood everywhere.

Jefferson said she watched as the side of the building started coming down.

“I could have been in there, so I’m just happy to be alive,” Jefferson said.

Investigators said three apartment units were destroyed, four people were injured in the blast but everyone was eventually accounted for.

”We haven't been up there yet but I got two cats up there, so hopefully they are still breathing,” Resident Mark Pate said.

CBS46 reached out to property management to see if they were aware of any prior gas complaints from residents, and whether or not maintenance ever addressed any issues relating to gas. We did not hear back yet.

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