ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Tuesday’s elections were filled with voting frustrations, faulty machines and freakishly long lines.

But in midst of chaos Democrat Jon Ossoff snagged 51 percent of the vote, winning the Democratic Senate primary.

“I was expecting a runoff in a field of seven candidates and multiple wealth funded candidates, it was a spirited contest, I was ready to continue to August,” Ossoff told CBS46.

Ossoff will face incumbent Republican U.S. Senator David Perdue in November.

In the meantime, Ossoff said county and state officials need to fix persistent voting issues in certain communities, what he calls voter suppression.

“When the malign neglect of state election officials means that particularly black voters in precincts with strong democratic turnout election, after election, after election have four and six hour lines malfunctioning machines. The Secretary of state should be ashamed of himself,” said Ossoff.

He told CBS46 he’s ready to take the Secretary of State to court.

“I’m putting him on notice Britt that we will be ready to sue him,” said Ossoff “We will be ready to sue this state to defend voting rights between now and November.”

If elected, the 33-year-old said he will champion a new voting rights act and civil rights act.

Ossoff also mentioned other policies on his agenda.

“I will fight to ensure every single Georgian has great healthcare the medicine they need at prices they can afford,” said Ossoff “I fight for major investments in infrastructure and clean energy.”

Ossoff has one last message for those who don’t think for Washington D.C.

“I love my haters, I welcome criticism. Part of being in the arena and seeking to serve the public is accepting that that it’s my job to accept criticism,” said Ossoff.

CBS46 reached out to Senator Perdue for a statement. As soon as we get a response we’ll pass it onto you.

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