Judge orders blight clean-up in East Cobb County

Source: WGCL

A judge just ordered the 16 acre site known as Sprayberry Crossing in Marietta to be cleaned up. If actions aren't taken, the owners could face a possible 25,000 dollar tax bill.
The commercial property once was home to thriving shops and a bowling alley that is now abandoned and showing signs of gang activity off Sandy Plains Road in Marietta.

"Totally trashy. Yeah, I think it’s embarrassing almost," said Karen Morton, an East Cobb resident.

Sprayberry Crossing is one of the most rundown shopping centers in East Cobb, with boarded up businesses, parking lot potholes and overgrown grass.

"You would never, ever, ever, expect to see something like this in East Cobb County," said Morton.

It’s a noisy topic at the nearby thrift store.

"It has been going down for a lot of years," said Andrea Wilson, an East Cobb resident. "I think it could be renovated and be active again.

As it stands now, the county has ordered the owners of this shopping center to clean-up or pay up. Until then, it will continue to take its toll on the community.

Sprayberry Crossing became the first property targeted by Cobb County's Community Improvement Tax Incentive Program.

The program imposes tax penalties on properties that are abandoned and unsafe if the owners fail to bring them up to code.

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