ATLANTA (CBS46) — One mayoral endorsement of Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore has candidate Kasim Reed up in arms.

“Lee Clevenger stood next to Felicia Moore and in front of her, said that every mayor who happens to be black was corrupt,” Reed said at a press briefing on Tuesday.


Reed’s campaign showed video of a man who implied that Atlanta’s prior mayors were only interested in getting rich. The man endorsed Moore, who was also in the video.

Reed’s campaign displayed social media posts by the man who they said has been friends with Moore for years.

“He is anti-union,” Reed said. “He is anti-LGBTQ. So, the question for Ms. Moore is, how could you stand beside him as he ridicules people who have created the path of opportunity that you now walk down?”

Less than one week before the election, Reed called for Moore to reject the endorsement and return any campaign contributions made by Clevenger.

And she is.

Moore’s campaign sent CBS46 a statement, which reads "Mr. Clevenger has been a long time constituent, and I’ve known him only in my capacity as a city council representative. I was simply unaware of the hateful and racist things he had been posting on social media, and I strongly disagree with them. I've instructed my team to return his contributions.

If Mr. Reed wants to play guilt by association, I'd remind Atlanta voters that seven of his top staff and personal appointees have faced federal criminal charges for their actions while he was mayor, including for bribery and illegal weapons charges."

Mayoral candidate Andre Dickens weighed in, writing, “All of these things are a distraction from what the voters care about: safe streets, affordable housing, good jobs. We are deep in a fight for the soul of Atlanta. I’m focused on sharing my vision for Atlanta, not on these other distractions."

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