Kemp to visit 37 cities on bus tour

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The city of Emerson is the latest stop for Republican Governor candidate Brian Kemp on his bus tour "Putting Georgians First."

Inside the all American restaurant of Doug's Place, the griddle was hot, but customers wanted their eggs with a side of Brian Kemp politics.

"I'm anti-establishment as well so I voted for Trump and feel like out of the two candidates Kemp is going to reflect my values and the Trump agenda," said Paulette Delcasale. "I thought what a great opportunity to meet him in person."

When Kemp's bus pulled into the parking lot he made his rounds shaking hands before addressing the crowd.

"Hey guys, appreciate y'all coming out this morning," said Kemp.

CBS46 Reporter Vince Sims got to speak exclusively with Kemp, where he asked why the candidate chose to do a bus tour.

He says it was his way to interact directly with voters.

"Looking them in the eye and saying I'm the guy that will put you first ahead of the special interest, status quo, the politically correct and those that are here illegally."

Kemp was also asked about a new clip of a secret recording of Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle talking about the primary.

"I let the voters make up their mind," he said. "We are being very straight forward, Those are Casey Cagle's words. They are not anything we made up. People can listen to them and make their own decision.'

When asked if the public can expect more to come out of the recording, Kemp says we'll just have to wait and see.

"I'm not too worried about that. We got all kinds of people working on different things in the campaign."

The tour will make 37 stops in just one week, with five taking place Tuesday.

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