ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- In recent weeks metro Atlanta has seen some of the hottest weather in years. Now imagine not having AC during this hot period.

That’s what one Korean War veteran says he was dealing with until CBS46 got involved. If you visit 86-year-old James Bailey’s apartment, and you listen closely, you can hear the hum of a working AC unit.

“This unit cooled my bedroom and the duct work wasn’t even installed yet” said Bailey. “For the first time I had a real cool bedroom,” he added.

For the past three years Bailey says he’s been in an ongoing battle with his independent living facility in the Christian City community.

“This started back in July 2017. It would cut off completely and there were days it would get so hot I would go down to spend three or four days with my son,” added Bailey.

During that time Bailey admits Christian City did make attempts to fix the problem, but he says none of those fixes worked.

“In 2017 the unit would cut on and off but never stay on long enough to cool the place. In the Spring of 2018 it went out completely, they brought in a rebuilt unit and it would not work. Then they brought me another reconditioned unit. It worked fine until about three weeks ago.”

Bailey eventually got fed up and his son contacted CBS46. We reached out to management and in less than 24 hours they installed a brand new AC unit in Bailey’s apartment. Off camera Christian City officials told us they consider broken AC units a serious health concern and once they were made aware of the problem they had to act quickly. As for Bailey he's now cool and smiling.

"I’m delighted we contacted CBS46," he added.

In Christian City officials say they have a new director and slowly but surely they are tackling all of the concerns of their about thousand residents.

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