KSU administrative scandal revealed

Source: WGCL

The findings from an internal investigation are startling.

One of KSU's top administrators, former Chief Information Officer Lectra Lawhorne, is accused of the following:

Repeatedly covering for a repeatedly impaired manager, by developing hand signals to tell other employees to take over his meetings, according to a whistle-blower.

Approving pay for that manager when he wasn't showing up for work--sometimes months at a time.

He was paid thousands of your tax dollars to do nothing.

Also, she approved the hiring of a felon, who served jail time for fraud.

His job? Overseeing the school's sensitive data.

The report found certain background checks were overlooked, and the felon was the love interest of another high ranking KSU administrator, who was friends with Lawhorne.

We obtained emails between Lawhorne and former president Sam Olens, which show her expense reports were being approved right up until her leave just weeks ago.

So it appears this alleged behavior was going unchecked for some time.

The allegations were confirmed by the university's internal auditor.

Lawhorne's attorney Clifford Weiss told CBS46, she denies the allegations---knew of nothing improper---and resigned for health reasons. And stressed--she was not fired.

There are still many unanswered questions however. Such as, just how much money was wrongly paid out to that employee--will the university recoup it--and will criminal charges be filed against anyone involved.

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