It's not exactly business as usual at Elite Techs in Kennesaw.

CBS46 dropped by the store on Moon Station Road Thursday, but no one was there. It turns out the landlord changed the locks to the business after he told us he hadn't received rent for three months.

"He's very wishy washy," said Security Officer Paul Augustin. "Very disrespectful."

Paul Augustin is not surprised. He said he was hired by Elite Techs owner, James White, as a security officer.

"He was like out, out, out and signaling to me to get them out of there," said Augustin. "No, they have a problem and you need to resolve it in a customer service manner."

Augustin said customers often paid for cell phone and computer repairs which they never received. Plus, we spoke with about a half a dozen former employees who told us they didn't get paid. Augustin said he's owned more than 2-thousand dollars.

"I need my money," said Augustin. "He needs to get his act together."

So CBS46 went looking for White to see if he plans to refund customers and pay employees. No one was at his home.

"From the time that I had been there for a week I only saw one customer happy walking out," said Augustin.

CBS46 did manage to get a hold of James White via text. We asked him if he intends to issue refunds, return belongings and pay employees. He never answered the question. He just said he’s unavailable at the moment and wanted to cease all communication.

We did contact his lawyer and are waiting on a response.

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