Late mail still plaguing Southwest Atlanta residents

(Source: WGCL)

Wilford Jackson lives in Southwest Atlanta.

“Last night I was in bed trying to go to sleep,” he said.

But he heard the mail truck at nearly midnight.

“I jumped up,” he said. “I certainly didn’t expect it at that time of night.”

Late mail delivery has been an ongoing issue for Jackson and his neighbors. They thought the mail problems were getting better after CBS 46 did this story in October.

“The postmaster gave us his work he would correct the problem,” he said.

But after only a few days of getting mail during business hours, the same problem resurfaced.

“Thursday our mail was delivered at 10 p.m.”

Not only is the mail still being delivered late at night, some days the mail isn’t being delivered at all.

“Saturday I was looking for mail,” he said. “A particular package that was coming to me from Amazon that said it was en route to delivered to me.”

But the mail never came, so Jackson was hopeful that he would get his package on Monday.

“It said by Amazon and by the USPS that the package was out for delivery at 9:15, 9:16 a.m. and I would receive it at 8 p.m. last night.”

Three days after the USPS said the package would be delivered, Jackson still hasn’t received his package.

“What I want to happen is to get my mail in a consistent matter and not sporadic.”

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