cobb county pd sgt. wayne delk

COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Law enforcement agencies are working on plans for safety and security for when the Braves come home later in the week for World Series games at Truist Park.

The Cobb County Police Department has the lead but is getting assistance from several other agencies.


"We do have a really good plan in place that we had already started working on when we were preparing for the All Star Game," said Cobb Police Sgt. Wayne Delk.

He said they are taking those plans and enhancing them as they prepare to have the eyes of the country on Cobb County, Truist Park, the Battery Atlanta and surrounding areas.

"The biggest thing is the sheer number of people that are going to be coming into Cobb County, not just the people who are going to be attending the games themselves but just the people here to celebrate," said Delk.

The bomb squad, SWAT team, K9 teams and others will be part of the security plan. Just like with home games, dogs will sweep the facility ahead of time.

Fans won't be able to miss the police presense.

"They're going to notice there are significantly larger amount of uniformed police officers present," said Delk.

He said they work closely with other agencies, including federal agencies, to monitor and report any intelligence about possible threats.

"Can't really get into the specifics of how we’re gathering intelligence but we are working with those agencies to make sure that not only are we gathering intelligence but also sharing it amongst one another," he explained.

Police urge people to report any suspicious activity and to not leave valuables in plain sight in cars but rather lock them in your trunk before going to celebrate. Make sure nobody is watching you when you lock up your valuables, either.

Delk said, "The biggest thing we want people to take away is they can come here, have a great time and be safe.”

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