ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- State Senator Donzella James, D-South Fulton, says she believes in the right to bear arms, but not automatic guns

"I am only talking about those weapons that shoot multiple rounds. I’m not taking anyone’s second amendment rights, in fact, I’m a gun carrier myself," explained James. 

She has filed a bill (SB281) to make it illegal to possess or sell working automatic weapons.

“It’s a ban on all the automatic weapons if you are not law enforcement or you are not military,” James told CBS46.

The bill also requires all gun vendors to lock up and shackle all guns when their stores are closed. At gun sales and at gun and trade shows, sellers must use the National Instant Criminal Background checks

On the other hand, there are equally passionate efforts to increase gun access. Self-proclaimed constitutionalist Rep. Matt Gurtler, R-Tiger, wants to take away licensing requirements for eligible gun owners. 

“We don’t think it’s right or moral that Georgians would be charged a tax or fee to exercise for a natural right of self-defense,” Gurtler told CBS46. “If you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you should be legally allowed to carry that firearm in the state of Georgia, without having to get a license for it,” he said.

There are more than 23 gun bills in the state legislature right now. Pushing this type of legislation for James has come at a cost, James tells CBS46. 

“I know it’s going to be an uphill battle,” James said. “I’ve gotten death threats already for this, terroristic threats, even in black and white—they are sending it to me in the mail. The other night they called me and they said I know where you live and I’m outside in front of your house, get rid of that gun bill,” 

James showed CBS46 several threatening texts and emails from people who are apposed to her bill. There is even a Youtube video dedicated to bashing the bill and its sponsor. James for a moment considered pulling her bill, but decided not to give up. 

“At first I said do I need to not put this bill in because they’re going to trying to hurt me because of it?” James recalled. “But so many children are dying. Mothers are crying all over this nation,” she added saying she was not deterred.

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(4) comments

Quintessential Phorto

And machine guns are a problem, considering that statistically NOBODY has them and they are NEVER used in crime?

This Negro is engaged in transparent leftist posturing, raising a non-existent straw man to put her name in the news.

That, or she's so ignorant that she thinks semiautomatic firearms are machind guns.

Either way, she's unfit to hold public office.


From the story: James recalled. “But so many children are dying. Mothers are crying all over this nation,”. Just how many deaths have we had "all over this nation" from "machine guns"?. Maybe I just haven't heard about the many events where "machine guns" have been used; I would like two hear the statistics and how this ban would make anything any better.


Re: " Maybe I just haven't heard about the many events where "machine guns" have been used"...

According to the BATF there are currently 175977 fully automatic, legal, pre-1986 machine guns in civilian hands and I can find only one that was used in a crime since 1934 and that was by a police officer using his personal MAC-11 submachine gun to murder a suspected drug dealer in a unauthorized drug raid on September 15, 1988 in Dayton, OH


Re: " she believes in the right to bear arms, but not automatic guns"

We don't have a bill of "beliefs", we have a Bill of Rights and the purpose of the Second Amendment is clearly stated in the preamble to the Bill of Rights where it says “The convention of a number of states having at the time of their adopting of the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse, of its powers that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added”. Note that when the Second Amendment was written, every weapon was a weapon of war, there were no restrictions on the private ownership of weapons and the militia was equally matched with the Continental Army. After all, if they weren’t equally matched, it would be pretty hard to deter or prevent “misconstruction or abuse" of the government’s powers - so in reality, the citizen militia of today should have the same firearms as the current US military. Unfortunately we are no longer equally matched because we have let our gun rights be eroded by buying into this notion if we just compromise to accommodate the people who - for whatever reason - don’t like guns they will quit trying to take away our gun rights. History has shown that no matter how much we compromise, it’s never enough so we need to stop compromising

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