FULTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is going to bat with a Metro Atlanta apartment where a veteran says her living conditions are less than acceptable.

Veteran Lee Williams says for years she’s been living with a leaky ceiling and as a result, she now believes mold is growing within her walls. 

“Just rained in my apartment one day. It was just raining, “ says Williams. 

Williams has more than six different leaks on the ceiling of her apartment. She says it’s an issue she’s been dealing with for years. Some of the leaky spots now appear to be growing mold.

“I did call maintenance and ask them to repair these things. I feel I see pink mold,” to make matters worse, Williams feels the poor air quality in her apartment is impacting her health. “I went to the VA Hospital and they told me that I had an upper respiratory infection. I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t know what I’m inhaling.”

So we took the veterans concerns to the leasing office, they refused to talk. Williams says they did offer to paint over the leaky spots but refused to address her concerns about mold.

“They said the conditions don’t warrant that and that there’s no mold here because they said it’s not humid in this apartment,” said Williams as she described her conversation with management. “They also used my personal ladder and reach up to the ceiling and touched it and said it doesn’t feel wet so there’s not mold. So they said they are just going to paint over it and your problems will be like new”.

In the meantime, Williams continues to struggle to breathe while in the apartment, and she says more water spots continue to show up on the ceiling.

“I just hope and pray to the lord that I’m not contracting any deadly infection or illness from this apartment.”

After our interview, we did hear from a representative in the corporate office. They say they have only been managing the property for 5 months and now that they are aware of the issue they have agreed to work with the veteran to solve her mold concerns.

CBS46 will continue to follow this matter to make sure they do what they say.

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