LGBTQ community: Racism still needs to be addressed after Burkharts owner social media posts

Source: WGCL

The future of an Atlanta gay bar is still unclear after the owner's racist Facebook posts came to light earlier this month.

Burkharts' has been open a few days now after controversial comments made on social media by the bar's owner causing outrage in the LGBTQ community.

"The performers are still angry. They still feel like it's the same leadership it's just a different name on the paperwork," said Kia Barnes.

Kia Barnes calls herself a voice in Atlanta's LGBTQ community. She is one of many who took major offense to alleged racist Facebook posts by Burkharts' owner.

"They didn't even really address it, the problem doesn't go away they just passed on the buck to someone else."

As of Sunday night the midtown bar is back open but minus a few. An employee outside of the bar Wednesday said off camera they want to ensure those still working there can do so.

"100 percent of their performers quit. And they're all working at MSR now. Every single performer left burkharts."

Barnes attended a weekend meeting intended to address the racism within the community put on by a local advocacy group.

"It was an interesting meeting because at the meeting about racism , they still didn't want to talk about racism."

She tells me the problem of racism in the LGBTQ community in Atlanta goes beyond social media posts.

"It was the actual treatment, they were charging them to perform , telling them they couldn't do things that catered to more so to an urban community , so it's not just the name on the deed, it's deeper than that."

According to Barnes, a conversation needs to be had...for there to be a change.

"There needs to be this discussion , they need to have some type of action, deliverables, outside of saying we're mad, well shut it down."

CBS46 reached out to the owner Palmer Marsh for a comment and to tell us what's next but we have not heard back yet. One thing we are still trying to find out is if Marsh plans to sell Burkharts'.

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