ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- You certainly see why the Beltline needs lighting to help make it safer and the people who oversee the trail tell CBS46 they are always looking to make it safer.

For Kristy Clarkson to not use the Beltline each week would be highly irregular.

“Well active Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and the weekend for fun activities,” said Clarkson.

But running after dark is a different story. "Why don't you feel safe?" asked reporter Jamie Kennedy.

“Because I can’t see anything and if I’m walking by myself like anyone can come, like a bush cause you can see there are a lot of trees,” said Clarkson.

The good news for Kristy and the rest of the public is the lights are about to be turned on.

“If you see what we currently have on the Westside trail and the Eastside trail extension, that is exactly what we are gonna have on the Eastside trail," said Director of Transportation for Atlanta Beltline Inc Henry Ikwut-ukwa. "It’s going to fully light the trail so you can see far ahead of you in the dark.”

In the last two months police have responded to two incidents involving people being held at gun point, so for the Eastside trail, lights, are not the only safety measure.

“We also will install cameras as we do the security lighting, as each camera’s range ends another camera takes over,” said Ikwut-ukwa.

Atlanta Beltine Inc. is currently taking bids for the project with the hopes of starting installation this year and finishing by spring next year.

Something Kristy and other trail users said is certainly needed.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea,” said regular Eastside trail user Andrew Pofaho.

“That sounds awesome because I’m trying to run before work and if it’s dark and it’s five or something we can run with the lights,” said Clarkson.

Atlanta Beltline Inc. is always looking to improve its trail designs and said lights will be included in any new construction.

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