ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty first gained momentum on social media in 2015. He was just a teen at the time.

Since then, Lil Yachty has climbed the ranks of the music business selling millions of records and earning a Grammy nomination.

“Coming into this industry and watching, I could say it matured me a lot faster than my peers, and saying that it brought a lot more responsibilities at a young age and I’m able to see things differently,” says Yachty. 

He also credits his mom with helping him avoid the pitfalls of a tricky industry.

“Oh, for sure more so just because you know my mom, I can trust my mom you know and at the end of the day if anything goes wrong, I can count on her.”

And that’s evident in their relationship.

Venita McCollum catches as many of her son’s shows as she can. She was even his date to the Grammys. But the beginning of his musical journey was a scary experience for Venita.

So, what were some of the things she wanted to protect him from?

“A lot of things, just the drugs, the violence, the gangs. I didn’t know the unknown. I think that was the biggest thing,” said Venita.

Now Venita wants to help other parents with children dreaming of being in the entertainment industry. 

“Because when he said I’m not going to school, I’m going to be famous there was no blue print for that. We just had to wing it. We met with managers, we met with lawyers, we met with accountants and we just took it step by step. The mistakes we made, everything we learned, I wanted to compile that and lay down somewhat of a blueprint for the parent that comes behind,” said Venita. 

Her book “Raising a Rapper” follow’s McCollum’s own experience managing Lil Yachty’s career.

“It can’t warn you for everything you’re going to go thorough in life, but it definitely gives you a heads up and we didn’t have a heads up,” says Yachty.

“I knew it was going to be a road that neither one of us had taken before but I knew I would be involved so that he wouldn’t be taken advantage of, and so he could get the proper people in place,” added Venita.

“Raising a Rapper” is now available for purchase on amazon and

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