ATLANTA (CBS46) - Strumming a guitar and beating a drum is what Mermaid motor lounge loves to do most. And he's using that talent to try to bring some joy to a world filled with sorrow over COVID-19.

“It was just nice to see people coming out and smiling you know because we didn’t know how It was going to go over or if anybody was going to pay attention or come out of their house,” Josh Erwin lead singer of Mermaid Motor Lounge said.

But sadly, last week started off on a sour note for the band.

“You know kind of watching all the shows tumble one by one,” Erwin told CBS46 News.

Those were local shows Mermaid motor lounge depends on and looks forward to. Canceled due to the deadly virus we all cant wait to see die off and never return. That’s when lead singer Josh Erwin saw a boat in his neighbor’s yard and decided to fight back.

“Maybe we can play on that. That’d be fun and I go, we need a generator, and then our neighbor Shon O’Connor brought us a generator so we’re like think this can work,” Erwin explained.

So Friday the band loaded up the instruments. Charted a course through several east Atlanta neighborhoods, and set sail or rather got pulled by a pickup truck.

“We can bring music to everyone because their weekend plans probably got canceled just like ours so maybe it’ll be fun,” Erwin told CBS46 News.

Thirty-seven thousand views later, they were big hits online too.

“It was a lot of fun to see that it made me feel really good that someone appreciated it so that was as much of a surprise for us as it was for those people I guess,” Erwin said.

All along the way promoting peace, love and public health. The band told CBS46 News they plan to continue the “Safe Six Boat Tour” till we, the human race kill this evil virus for good.

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