Local churches speak out against Trump's immigration policies

Source: WGCL

Many local churches are speaking out about the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Though those policies involving family separation have shifted, metro Atlanta churches are still making statements.

First Baptist Church of Decatur is only one of several metro Atlanta churches that has released a statement saying families belong together and the separation of immigrant children from their parents does not align with their beliefs.

Church leaders say this is not about endorsing any political affiliation or view points but they say it is simply about practicing what is preached.

A statement from First Baptist Church of Decatur saysWe are following the commands of our God to love and care for our neighbors ... No matter where they are from. CBS46 reporter Jasmina Alston had the chance to sit down with a church leader about why they are speaking out.

"Considering what is certainly in our country a delicate issue and not one I will pretend as an individual to have all the answers for but that we should all air on the side of good, to treat everyone fairly, equally," said Darren Draper.

Church leaders say this is not political but about what is right and what is wrong.

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