Local college student's TikTok goes viral, catches Disney's attention

GRAYSON, Ga. (CBS46) -- A Gwinnett 20-year-old got a welcome surprise when his TikTok video went viral, receiving a message from a top Disney executive exclaiming, “the world’s gonna know your name!”

Prior to receiving this unexpected message, Julian Bass, a Georgia State University theater major, took to social media and requested a simple favor:

“If ya’ll could retweet this enough times that Disney calls…that would be greatly appreciated,” Bass tweeted along with his TikTok Video.

The video has been viewed more than 22-million times and counting.

His phone was soon inundated with messages. Bass said, “it was just buzzing off the charts!”

The video caught the attention of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, from filmmakers, to actors, to executives,, and more

“I was like, hey, maybe I can be a Jedi, maybe I can be Spider-Man, I don’t know, that would be really funny if Disney called

It happened just as he requested. Since then, Bass says several people have been calling to offer jobs and opportunities.

“Some big things are definitely in the works right now,” Bass added.

Bass said he’s a huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars, and loves making videos and editing.

“I’ve been doing this for about nine years, since I was a little kid,” said Bass.

He used his free time during the pandemic to put his tech-savvy skills to good use, transforming himself into some of the world's favorite characters.

Given everything going on in the world, he’s hoping he can share some positivity, one character at a time.

“Like Spider-man, great power comes with great responsibility,” Bass said.

You can follow Bass on Twitter and TikTok @TheJulianBass

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