KENNESAW, Ga. (CBS46) -- Several camps and activities have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, leaving parents wondering what they are going to do with their kids all summer.

But some gyms and dance studios are slowly opening up, and one local dance studio owner has found a way to keep kids on their toes.

Kyri Hayes never thought she’d be teaching in a parking lot…on asphalt.

Dynamite Dance Factory

But for the first time in about 50 days, dancers at Dynamite Dance Factory in Kennesaw are back in class, sort of.

“Usually they’re all over each other! But they actually saw their lines, they saw their areas, it was really cute. She did it in their colored lines, pink and blue, and they were like this is my box, this is my spot, and I’m going to stay in the middle of it,” said one parent, Erica Redmond.

The last few months were tough on many of the kids – who range in age from two-and-a-half to 18 -- like Redmond’s three-year-old daughter Teja. The studio is their home away from home.

“She was bummed, I’m talking about coming in every day, when is dance class?” Redmond said. “They need that physical interaction; these kids are jumping off of walls.”

“I didn’t expect it to run on for two months!” said Kyri Hayes, the Owner and Artistic Director of Dynamite Dance Factory in Kennesaw. “A lot of them come to the studio as a place to just breathe, and a place to just let go of all their school burdens and all the stresses they go through.”

At first, Hayes switched to virtual classes. They kept the same schedule, dressed up, all while trying to keep some normalcy.

“They’re able to stay focused on something that isn’t just schoolwork or TV,” added Redmond.

Now that businesses are starting to open up in Georgia they are transitioning slowly with new rules.

Hayes said she was concerned about how to open up safely, as social distancing is a difficult concept for little kids. But she’s keeping classes under 10 people and everyone is six feet apart, giving kids and parents a much needed break.

“We’ve been blowing kisses instead of hugging and being all lovey with each other,” Hayes added.

“She loved it, it was just nice to be in the fresh air again and see her friends,” said Redmond about her daughter.

Dynamite Dance Factory is running summer camps and classes all summer long! Registration is all online now at WWW.DYNAMITEDANCEFACTORY.COM.  

There is also tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical classes, and princess dance camps for the two-and-a-half to five-year-olds! 


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