ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- Spring is here and so is the pollen.

Allergy suffers are searching for relief. There are simple tips that can help you keep your symptoms at bay.

Trees and plants are blooming. It means pollen is everywhere.  

“It’s tough, I grew up having problems with asthma so this just kills me,” Stephen Spink told CBS46.

Stephen Spink said he and his wife decided to walk the park Monday. It's a choice they normally don’t make this time of year. 

“Right now I got sore throat, runny nose all that stuff,” Spink said.

“He coughs a lot at night so it’s definitely affecting my sleep,” Sara Spink told CBS46.

These are symptoms Dr. John Jarboe sees constantly this time of year. He said washing away the pollen is the trick to keeping symptoms at bay.

“Wash your clothes, wash your hair regularly,” Jarboe explained.

He also recommends you rinse your nose out with a saline solution. 

When it comes to medications Jarboe said anti-histamines provide the quickest relief from nasal congestion. He also explained carpet is the worst thing for allergy suffers.

The pollen gets deep in the carpet and is almost impossible to get out. He recommends changing the floors in your home to hardwood or other none carpet options.

Jarboe added if you follow these tips and still don’t find relief from symptoms it’s time to head to specialist for further allergy testing.

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