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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- It’s said that about 20 veterans commit suicide ever day but local non profit organization Top Dogg K9 Foundation says their mission is to reduce that number.

How, you ask? The organization trains dogs to help vets do everything from turning on the lights to cope with PTSD. Desert Storm veteran Doug Robinson is among those being helped by the organization.

”I was in a tent and the bomb went off outside the tent,” said Robinson.

He told CBS46 he sustained traumatic brain injury when his platoon was hit by a bomb. In addition Robinson injuries left him with PTSD and difficulties walking, but that all changed when he got his service dog dolly.

“Before I couldn’t hardly walk with a cane now I walk without the cane,” added Robinson.

Dolly forced Robinson to leave his house and through walking her regularly, Robinson’s legs begun regaining strength. Plus Dolly is specially trained to braces and support Robinson while he moves and she can even help him get out of a chair. Veteran Blake Rashad says Top Dogg K9 Foundation is training service animals to do a lot more.

”These service dogs are changing lives. Some of them turn on lights, some of them, spouses are able to sleep together again because if the vet has nightmare the dog gets in between them,” said Blake Rashad the founder of Top Dogg K9 Foundation. 

But those are just some of the benefits other Top Dogg K9 Foundation recipients are celebrating.

“I’m more outgoing now things and places I maybe not use to go in as much I go now because chewy is trained”, Rodney Wilson.

Top Dogg K9 Foundation will hold an annual golf tournament to help raise funds for service dogs November 1st.

To support this organization or the tournament go to

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