The average cost to train a service dog ranges from $20,000 to $60,000. Healing 4 Heroes is free for veterans and emergency response workers. The program is giving both rescue dogs and their new owners a purpose.

Iraqi war vet Robert Durst knew he couldn't do it alone when he returned from two tours in Iraq.

"I was Airborne Infantry 82nd. Deployed twice. So they were pretty rough deployments."

Durst was injured five different times in the army.

Now, thanks to Healing 4 Heroes he has his dog Zeus to help him work through his pain and PTSD.

"So the dog is rescuing the veteran, the veteran is rescuing the dog. It's amazing," Durst said.

Healing 4 Heroes was founded in 2008.

Suzanne Aaron is a dog trainer. She rescues dogs through her shelter Coco's Cupboard and donates those dogs to veterans.

The veterans and civilian volunteers train the dogs through the Healing 4 Heroes program to be service animals.

"They pulled her out of a cage in Newnan. She was living in a cage for months," Joshua Felicijan says about his Great Dane rescue dog, Josie.

Felicijan is an army vet and is training Josie to help with his leg injury.

"I cant feel my right leg at all. And if i fall it's very hard to get up. I'm training her right now to climb under me and sit me up on my knees."

After a car accident when he was just 23 years old, Felicion was told he would never walk again. Now he says thanks to Josie and Healing 4 Heroes he's beaten the odds.

"I was in a dark place and just by getting a service dog it gave me the motivation to start walking again and it's made my life 100 times better."

Veterans can also bring their own dog through the Healing 4 Heroes training program.

For more information visit http://www.Healing4heroes.Org/.

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