Local student profiled in NY Times article; addresses sexual assault by Morehouse students

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Students at two local colleges are criticizing school officials for how they've handled their #MeToo movements.

CBS46 spoke to one woman who said she was sexually assaulted as a freshman at Spelman College. She said there were several reasons she didn't feel comfortable filing a complaint and she says there are other student in the same boat.

"It was five assailants and by the time I realized, I did everything you weren't supposed to do. I took a shower. I washed my clothes. Time had passed. It was not just a he-said, she-said. It was a he-said, he-said, he-said. It was just all of them against me," describes Euphoria Davis.

Twenty-one year old Euphoria Davis says she's glad the person who posted signs like " Morehouse protects rapist," and "Spelman protects rapist" because it brought attention to an issues she know so well.

"I experienced sexual assault at a party." said Davis.

Davis says she didn't want to report it to Spelman because she didn't think anything would happen to the accused, who she says were all Morehouse students. But she found her voice as a sophomore when Bill Cosby made headlines for sexual assault. She began to tell her story and she says students started to reach out to her with similar experiences.

"so when the names came out, with the "we know what you did" campaign, that's why I wasn't shocked about some of the names," said Davis."Because some of the names, I'm not going to say which ones but some of the names I've heard before from people."

Davis' is profiled in a New York Times article about sexual assault at both colleges. She says things are far from perfect at Spelman but she credits the school's Title 9 office with supporting her when she started voicing her concerns.

"I think there's definitely an interest in upholding the reputation of the school and sometimes i feel like that can sometimes be prioritized over the well being of the students," said Davis.

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