Local woman creates pain management cream to prevent opioid abuse

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- It’s estimated that the opioid crisis is responsible for 115 deaths every day. The epidemic has impacted families across the nation, but one Metro Atlanta woman decided enough was enough and took matters into her own hands.

“I’ve had over 30 surgeries and surgical procedures. I’m a cancer survivor. I had both knees replaced and my hip replaced,” said Tyler. She said she's suffered extreme pain for six decades. “It became chronic to the point that I had to start going to a pain clinic to manage it. I was getting shots in my spine and I was getting opioids every month” added Tyler.

But the opioids began having a negative impact, that’s when Tyler said she had to find a way out.

“I began to do research. I reached Native American medicine, Chinese medicine, Egyptian medicine, and I found some things in the Bible.”

The result was a cream that Tyler said completely stopped her pain.

“I said I have to at least try to see if this pain cream is working. So I stop taking the medication hours passed nothing happened and I realized I didn’t have to take opioids anymore,” said Tyler.

That was six years ago. Tyler has since partnered with Vet22 to help veterans with similar pain issues find a holistic approach to tackling the problem Robert Edmond is one of them.

“I used it on my lower back all the way down to my calf on my left side and it helped a whole lot”, said Edmond.

But he admits he’s not completely off his pain medication, though the cream has helped decrease how frequent he uses them.

As for Tyler she says she isn’t going back to the brink of addiction.

“It stop the progression of my rheumatoid arthritis and I have osteoarthritis and I used it for that and it’s gone. I’ve had back surgery twice which means I would keep muscle spasms I don’t have those anymore. I don’t have sciatica anymore.”

Tyler says they are the in process of conducting a study to see how effective the pain cream is at reducing opioid use.

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