Eighteen-year-old Skylar Mack is a 4.0 pre-med student who graduated with honors. 

“Skyler has a star in a light behind her it’s kind of just goes off when she walks in the room it makes people around her happy,” said Skylar’s father Dennis Mack.

But a trip to The Cayman Islands landed her in jail. The Loganville teen detained by police after breaking her 14-day quarantine after two days to watch her boyfriend, 24-year-old Vanjae Ramgeet, compete in a jet ski competition.

“It’s absolutely heart wrenching that you take someone so special…and she’s now…the rest of her life is getting torn away from her,” Dennis said. “She took multiple COVID tests when she arrived and throughout this period of time and every single one of them have been negative. The lawyer has the results the government has the results it was government testing that was done,” he added.

Skyler was initially sentenced a $2,600 fine with 40 hours of community service. But after an appeal the country's director of public prosecutions, Patrick Moran, sentencing Skyler to four months in prison.

Skylar's dad told CBS46 that The Cayman Islands government deported seven other people within that week who broke COVID-19 restrictions, banding them for a year.

So, the question is why is his daughter Skylar, being sentenced differently?

“We feel like we’re powerless and we’re kind of at the mercy of another country for one of our citizens which is my daughter,” said Dennis.

Max says his family is heartbroken having a feeling of hopelessness that he can’t shake.

“I’m begging for America, I want to know that everybody would possibly arm their children with knowledge so no other father, no other mother, no other American soul hast to go through this again.”

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