BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- At 786 West Avenue in Cartersville, you can fill up for $2.23 a gallon. Plus, there’s a 2 for $3 deal.

But the only numbers that really matter to Bridgett Tracy, are the ones on her winning lottery ticket.

“All I could do at that point was jump up and down. I wanted to faint actually,” Tracy said. “That money could have went far.” 

She won $5,000 in a scratch-off game at the Get ‘N’ Fly Food Mart in Bartow County.

“$5,000, that means food on the table for my children,” Tracy said. But just as fast as she became a winner, she was a loser.

“The person that took that ticket knew that they could go to jail and they just didn’t want me to have it. So, it’s someone that has something personal against me,” Tracy said.

Someone stole her winning ticket from her home so the Lottery Corporation has yet to pay her the prize. 

“I think she should get her payment. I saw her scratch the ticket, I scanned the ticket and I told her she had to take it to the lottery commission. Our video camera shows that she bought the ticket,” Store clerk Patsy Pilkay said. 

“I got everything that they told me that I should need to prove it. They were even able to come and get video. So, it was no doubt about it,” Tracy said.

Her case is under review, so what are the odds she’ll play the lottery again?

“It depends on whether I get my money or not,” Tracy said.

The Lottery Corporation informed CBS46 Friday that since they are reviewing the claim, they have not yet determined whether to waive the requirement that the winning ticket be presented.

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