Lt. General Leslie Smith in Atlanta

Source: WGCL

One of the army’s highest ranking officers is in Atlanta today. Lt. General Leslie Smith is from Atlanta. He’s the Inspector General for the army.

He met with employees and patients at the share military initiative here. Inspector general smith grew up in Atlanta. He graduated from Georgia Southern.

During his visit with the Shepherd Center’s share initiative the Lt. General was able to tour the facility where veterans with brain injuries receive free therapy. Smith is only one of about 40 three star generals in the military. He has more than 30 years of experience serving our country.

CBS46 reporter Natalie Rubino asked him about Atlanta’s appreciation of military members and veterans.

"You hear thank you for your service. But it’s more than just the words that you say, it’s the actions that you take. So the Shepherd Center is a big deal because of the things that it does. But not only the Shepherd Center, the Boys and Girls Club, the vet event that I’m going to this afternoon. It means a lot because you can say, ‘thank you for your service’ but not take any action.”

Smith is the guest speaker Tuesday night at Vetlanta’s Quarterly Summit. Vetlanta is an organization that’s working to make Atlanta the number one place for people transitioning out of the military to live and work.

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