Man arrested after buying guns in Georgia, suspected of smuggling them to New York


Another federal arrest was made for a person accused of smuggling guns from Georgia to New York City.

It’s a story we’ve investigated before at CBS46, a route so common, police call it the “Iron Pipeline.”

The accused man bought all of his handguns over the weekend without getting a background check. The ATF said a man from Georgia bought 11 handguns from the RK Gun Show over the weekend and drove them straight up to New York City, where it’s illegal to sell them.

It's the latest in a series of similar crimes that have been occurring for years. The most high profile example occurred in 2014 when baggage handlers at the airport snuck hundreds of guns past the TSA and onto a Delta flight.

In this week's arrest, the ATF says Anthony Clark of Forest Park bought his guns from the Atlanta Expo Center and he didn't need a background check for any of them.

"The idea is, you don't need to do one again, because one was already done," said John Monroe of Georgia Carry.

Monroe explained how all a gun store owner needs to see to make a sale is a weapons carry license. It takes the place of doing a background check.

"It's not a Georgia thing, it's a federal thing,” Monroe said. “There's a lot of states where the license issued by that state is an alternative to the next check."

When you get pulled over in your car, an officer can tell right away if the driver's license you're handing him is suspended. And if he's got a license plate reader, he'll know that within seconds of seeing your car.

But it's not the same with guns.

Weapons carry licenses need to be renewed every five years, but there's no way for a gun store owner to know if anything happened during that intervening time that would disqualify them from buying a gun.

The ATF says the only drawback to that policy is when a person commits a disqualifying crime in between license renewals. Agents say there's no way for a gun store owner to know whether the license has been revoked early.

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