Man braves sauna-like temperatures hiding from police in motel roof

Source: WGCL

How long could you survive in an attic with the sun beating down in the summer?

One man pushed the limits, Tuesday, while hiding from police.

The man they were looking for inside the Araamda Inn on South Cobb Drive was wanted for a relatively simple crime, but things got complicated fast when he wouldn't give himself up.

After searching every room, deputies decided there was only one place he could still be: the space above the top floor ceiling and the roof under construction. Contractors evacuated from the third floor said they doubted the man could last very long in those temperatures.

"If he's in the ceiling, he couldn't even survive up there though, it's too hot. We go through that all the time. We're electricians so, of course, we're in the attics. If he was up there, he would have been came down," said witness, Eugene Tenny.

Very much to the surprise of bystanders, deputies ended the six hour search by walking out the motel's side door with 40-year-old Christopher Dean. He was still covered in pieces of insulation and very much in need of a drink of water, but still able to walk out on his own.

Deputies tell CBS46 Christopher Dean was wanted for misdemeanor obstruction, which could mean just about anything. It usually has something to do with running from or struggling with police. We are waiting for Douglasville police to get back to us with those details.

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