An Atlanta man may be getting ready for a fight with city hall and at stake, his own land the city wants to seize through eminent domain.

His land is less than mile from Turner Field and Max Murphy doesn't want to play ball.

The city wants to build the 16-acre 'Rodney Cook Senior Park' but about a third of an acre on the land they plan to construct it on belongs to Murphy and he's never intended to sell it."I bought back in 2005, and my intentions were at some point to develop," says Murphy. "I'm a product of Morehouse College and I've lived in the neighborhood for some time and had the intent and patience of maybe one day my kids would attend the AUC center as well, and having a place where they can one day potentially stay."Virtual video gives a preliminary glimpse of what the $50 million park will look like. Murphy admits the area needs a make-over but he says he wants a solution that works best for everyone."Eminent domain does not work best for everyone, for us and these individuals that are impacted," said Murphy.

"Are you going to fight it?" asked CBS46's Mike Dunston.

"I am," responded Murphy.

"In what way?" asked Dunston.

"That's still to be determined," answered Murphy.

"So possibly legally?" asked Dunston.

"Potentially," responded Murphy.

The city council is supposed to vote on buying the land through eminent domain on August 20 and Murphy plans to be there.

CBS46 will keep you posted.

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