MABLETON, Ga. (CBS46) -- A family is in mourning after a young father was gunned down in front of his home.

Twenty-four-year-old George Vela's killer is still on the loose. He was shot and killed outside his Mableton home after returning home from seeing the Lion King movie.

"I'm really gonna miss him," says Robert Smith, George's brother. "I know when he sees it he'd be like, d*** that's so spot on, that's me," added Robert as she showcased a a tattoo his brother on his hand.

It's been a bittersweet ride of emotions for Robert and his mother Leigh. Hours after returning home from seeing the Lion King with the family, Vela was gunned down in front of the home.

"You know I just laid beside him, there was nothing at that point that I could do," said Vela's mother. "So, I just laid there beside him, took his face and told him how much I loved him."

Now his mother's left to pick up the pieces, and his two young children have to grow up without their father.

"You know I ... I will be there for their firsts that he is going to miss. I'll be there for him," said Robert.

The memories for his six-year-old, Marley are the most precious.

"Me and my daddy used to always have fun and we never stopped because I loved playing Fortnite with him," recalled Marley of her memories with her father.

Althought Vela's life ended in tragedy, his mother want to remember her son at his best.

"He was difficult you know, we fought, we argued, but he was one of the most loving people you could ever meet. He has a good heart," she added.

While the family is mourning their loss, the person or people responsible are free. Vela's mother is now making a plea for someone to come forward.

"My goal is somebody feels guilty enough to come forward. They feel bad enough to tell what they know because somebody knows who did this."

His viewing is July 26 until 7 p.m. He will be laid to rest the following day in Mabelton.

Smith is asking for donations to be made to the family's accounts through the mobile phone application Cash App at $yainerysgil. Any extra money will go towards the care of the children.

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Do you guys not have anyone to proof read these articles before they get posted? It's almost disrespectful how many errors are throughout this article. As if you don't even care enough about the deceased to correct your spelling in an article about his death.

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