Man ticketed for listing P.O. box on driver's license

MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A Metro-Atlanta man is fighting a ticket he says he never should have gotten.

About a month ago, Antwane Kelly was driving his SUV near Marietta Square with his son.

An officer pulled him over, saying there was a problem with his high beams. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement the officer issued a verbal warning.

But he did ticket Kelly for a crack in the windshield, and he also wrote him a ticket for having a Post Office Box listed as his address on his driver’s license.

Kelly’s son recorded audio of the interaction where Officer Jared Rakestraw is heard saying he was giving Kelly a ticket because “it’s not a physical address” on his license.

"Every time I renewed my license, I was able to get my P.O. box on it. They ask for your address on the paperwork so they have my home address on the paperwork,” Kelly said.

CBS46’s Mike Dunston did some investigating and found that according to the state of Georgia, drivers are allowed to have a P.O. Box, as long as the state of Georgia has a residential address on file.

A Marietta Police spokesman refused an on camera interview but sent CBS46 a statement that says in part:

“When the officer ran the driver's information … it only returned with a P.O. box, not the physical address required. While it is not our practice to discuss traffic citations before the designated court date, we agree that there may be some confusion regarding the appearance of a 'P.O.Box' address on a driver’s license."

Kelly plans to fight the ticket in court saying: "If Georgia issued me a license, why are the police out here ticketing civilians with the same issued license that the state gave me. That's where I’m confused at, so I don't understand how they can be so confused with the law."

Kelly says he met with a Marietta police lieutenant. He says the lieutenant told him to plead "not guilty" and the judge will probably dismiss his case in court.

Kelly wants to know why he was issued a ticket in the first place.

A spokesperson with the Department of Driver Services says she’s investigating the issue for CBS46.

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This man did not print or issue the license to himself it was done by the State of Georgia, and if the officer thinks he should be ticketed or arrested for having a state issued license with a PO box on it, he the officer is the one that should return to the academy and learn the law and lose pay while doing so. Or the person with the DMV who issued the license that way should be faulted. But the common excuse on things of this nature in Georgia, especially the DMV is "The State of Georgia doesn't make mistakes"

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