ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Twenty-year-old Eric Amis Jr. was killed around midnight when he drove his Lime electric scooter onto West Lake Avenue. Atlanta police said the driver of an SUV tried to avoid him but couldn't do so in time.

“I don't think that they're safe,” Chandler Henkes said of dockless scooters.

Henkes said she used to ride e-scooters but stopped when she fell off one and got a concussion.

“When I fell, I was in the two-lane bike lane on 10th street,” she told reporter Ashley Thompson. Henkes was riding where she was supposed to.

Earlier this year Atlanta City Council passed an ordinance to better regulate e-scooters. Users must ride them in the street, not on sidewalks, but not everyone is following the rules.

“I usually ride on the sidewalk,” said James Taylor. “I'm a student at Georgia Tech and most people ride on the sidewalk because the bike lanes can get kind of scary, especially with turns.”

CBS46 contacted Atlanta Police to ask how many citations have been issued to those riding unlawfully. A spokesperson said APD is in the process of launching a public awareness campaign before they begin heavy enforcement. As of May, no citations have been issued.

“A lot of schools, campuses and stuff are taking big measures to try to either get rid of them or make them safer,” Taylor said.

The four e-scooter companies in Atlanta record crashes and injuries. The latest numbers show 40 crashes in February with 16 injuries and 48 crashes in March with 18 people hurt.

Users are encouraged, but not required to wear helmets.

Today’s fatality is another reminder that e-scooters have their risks.

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