Delta flight met by Atlanta police after disturbance

File photo of Delta plane (Source: WGCL)

A Gwinnett County man took to social media to express his discontent after he says his sister and her friend were allegedly discriminated against on a Delta Air Lines flight.

Henry Ung of Duluth wrote a Facebook post detailing his sister Stephanie and her friend's return flight back to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport from Cancun. In his post, he says Stephanie and her friend were doing nothing wrong when six security officers escorted them off the plane, searched and then harassed them.

Ung says the flight attendants allegedly assumed the girls were either victims or facilitators of human trafficking. He also says the incident has left his sister so traumatized, she is afraid to wear a dress or leave the house alone.

Stephanie also wrote a Facebook post detailing the situation that reads "It's been four days since this awful incident occurred and my hand still trembles when my memory flashes back to this night because this wasn't a nightmare, it was my reality. What sucks the most is you don't understand the pain and embarrassment until you're unexpectedly put in the situation or know someone who was. My little brother held me that night as I cried myself to the point of exhaustion."

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