ATLANTA (CBS46) — It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Slider crimes are on the rise -- 66 incidents in the city of Atlanta this year. And just this past weekend, a thief jumped into a man’s running car outside the Marriott on 14th Street and drove off.

“We’ve seen a lot of people continue to leave their vehicles running, with the keys and leaving them accessible to criminal who are looking for vehicles to be able to take,” Sgt. John Chafee with Atlanta Police said.

Video shared online with Uncensored Atlanta shows a man pull out a gun when someone tried to steal his car at a gas station.

“We’re seeing a lot of these activities at gas stations and the busier the gas station the more often you would see something like this,” Chafee said.

Dean Dabney knows how to spot a slider crime. He’s a crime expert at Georgia State who showed us what criminals are looking for.

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“They’ll post up over here and keep an eye on what’s going on and when a car pulls in like that guy right there... he’s out of his car, we roll in, he has his back to the car, I pull up like this, you jump out, he’s out, you’re in and away you go,” Dabney said.

Earlier this year in May, singer/songwriter Akon left his car running while filling up at QT on Sidney Marcus Boulevard. Seconds later a thief jumped in and drove off.

“Slider crimes can happen in the blink of an eye,” Atlanta Police Officer Steve Avery said.

Atlanta Police posted a PSA to social media warning drivers to use common sense. Turn off your car, lock it, and pay attention.

“Never try to confront a slider suspect. We find that some of them are armed and they’re willing to use violence to get away,” Avery said.

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